Black Crystal Sword Earrings(FREE SHIPPING)

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Are you a fan of swords? Well what about crystals? Well about take both of those items and make some earring out of them! These earrings are so unique you'll surly be the only one rockin them.  Our team at Gifts For Goth likes anything that brings healing powers but also items that bring death. hehe This is the perfect gift for your friend or a great buy to add to your goth, crystal, or sword collection.  Wear these Sword Crystal Earrings to your favorite concert, or just wear to go for a walk we just think you'll look dope with it on! This item is great for both men and Women!


  • Colors These sword and Crystal earrings come in a Silver color with a black crystal
  • Great for Events This sword and crystal earrings are great for parties, concerts, or out to a nice dinner
  • What its made out of These are long Sword Earring and are made out of a durable Zinc Alloy with a beautiful black crystal
  • Unisex These Sword and Crystal Earring are Great for both men and women

This is a very "in" fashionable item to show off to your friends!

FREE SHIPPING! Please note: due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping <3