Vintage Goth Bodysuits(FREE SHIPPING)

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 This is the perfect Vintage Goth Bodysuits for any occasion.  Surprise your partner with a new addition to your lingerie collection or get this item to perform, go to an event or concert.


  What it's made out of: This skinny, Lace up, broadcloth, Vintage, Goth Bodysuits is made out of Polyester, Cotton, and Spandex material

 •  Great for parties: Wear it in the bedroom or this is a black piece that will blend in nice with other similar clothing and you'll be sure to have your friends asking you where you found this at Burning Man.

Unique look: From the metal ring to the choker collar to the straps this goth lingerie spells sexy. This is a perfect piece to leave your partner drooling! 👽

This is a very "in" fashionable item to show off to your friends!

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