Heart Locket Chain(FREE SHIPPING)

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With this necklace we do the work for you, we've put 3 stylish chains with a heart locket in one Well we also love all of those things here at Gifts for Goth and thats why we think this is a perfect necklace for you. This necklace is durable and sure to catch an eye. Get it as a gift or for yourself and watch your friends and families reaction when you have this Dinosaur skeleton necklace hanging from your neck to top off your outfit. 💀


 •  What it's made out of: This Dinosaur chain Skeleton Necklace is made out of Zinc Alloy

•  It's a perfect size not too big to put around your neck but not too small where you cant tell what it is. 

•  Fashionable its a great item to add as an accessory to your aamzing goth black outfit or whatever you choose! :)


You'll be shocked at how perfect this product is and how real it looks. Your friends will be asking you where you got it because they want one now. This is a perfect piece to draw in more people like yourself! 👽


FREE SHIPPING! Please note: due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping