Layered Chain Necklace(FREE SHIPPING)

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Layered Chain Necklace

Do you consider yourself Goth or Punk?  Well either or, this is MADE for that culture!  Honestly, now in days this goes with just about anything.  We saved you some time and put a winning combination of neclaces together for you. Included in this necklace set you get a Dog tag like pendant necklace, a chain linked necklace, and a chain linked necklace with a cross.


  • Great for any sex: This works great both for men and women
  • What its made out of These necklaces are made out of a durable Copper Alloy
  • Fashionable look: This is a very  Trendy fashionable item to show off to your friends!

 Please note: due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping