Cone stud Leather Bracelet(FREE SHIPPING)

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 Do you consider yourself Goth or Punk?  Well either or, this is MADE for that culture!  Honestly, now in days this goes with just about anything.  Our team at Gifts For Goth likes anything with big spikes on it. hehe We like this item because it will out do any of your friends spiked bracelets and when you wear this you don't need any other bracelets to pair with it. This is the perfect gift for your friend or a great buy to add to your goth spiked bracelet collection. Wear this Spiked bracelet to your favorite concert, or just wear to go for a walk we just think you'll look dope with it on!


  • Colors This studded bracelet comes in black or red
  • Great for Events This spiked bracelet is great for parties, concerts, or maybe even an event in the bedroom. :)
  • What its made out of This collar necklace with studs is made out of a durable leather and Zync Alloy

This is a very "in" fashionable item to show off to your friends!

FREE SHIPPING! Please note: due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping <3